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PART 1 - How to have an effective camping...

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Camping is an interesting and intriguing activity. However, there is need to know the basics of camping in order to have an enjoyable one. At times if camping is not fully organized it might end up in being a boring activity.

Have you been to camping and enjoyed it or end up bored? I guess its either way. In this summarized post we are going to discuss and point out basic needs and preparations we need in order to have an excellent camp.

Today will look at the first important and basic preparation that we need.

Assess the Camp Area

The first step is assessing the camping site and booking in advance in order to avoid disappointments. Its very important to know the place before going to it.
This makes it easier to know whether the basic facilities are available such as toilet, shower, fresh water for use.

Its important to have these basic facilities in the camping site since they are very valuable and usable in our daily lives. Of course we need fresh water, we need to bathe, we need toilets and much more.....

I guess we have the hint for now. So when going for camping I guess this will be the first thing to look into. Otherwise lets stop there for today. Do you have any comments, suggestions, opinions? Will be grateful for them. Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!


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