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PART 3 - How to have an effective camping......

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Today we are on the last phase on having an effective camping. Its my believe that always when going for camps we always anticipate to have the best of our moments to linger in our minds.

As we continue on this topic I guess there are a lot of things and basic items that we need to put together for successful camping events ahead of us. Otherwise I have just given them in summarized format so as to leave a room for more research. However, the few other basic things we need are:

(f) Lighting

We need to have light for clear visibility especially at night. Lighting in form of spotlights would be of great assistance in times of need. Depending on the camping site it would assist in answering the nature of call during the night so as to be able to see the tent's entrace well enough. So all in all there should be good lighting system carried with you to avoid inconveniences at night or in dark areas.

(h) Campfire

This is one of them most enjoyable event in camping. If need for campfire arises, then there is need for carrying along with you firelighters, charcoal or firewood for use. Firewood may be collected or proper arrangements should be made prior to arrival in the camping site.

A lot of care should be taken heed when lighting fire such as the direction of wind in order to avoid fire accidents.

If need for cooking arises great care should be taken especially when roasting food stuff such as meat, potatoes e.t.c. Mesh would be of great help in roasting meat since it serves the purpose effectively.

All in all make sure that the tent living area is tidy and spacious enough in order to allow storage of items carried along with you such as - cooking equipments, mobile fridge if need be for keeping food fresh, outdoor gear such as boots, rucksacks, coats e.t.c

(g) Emergencies Handling Kits and Measures

Campers should be prepared to handle emergencies and have right and proactive measures to deal with such emergencies such as - bad weather, illness, allergies, discomforts e.t.c - there would be need for first aid kit carried along with you.Carry all the necessary cooking utensils needed for cooking process to be enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by and in case of queries, opinions, suggestions feel free to contact me. All the best in your camping activity!


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