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PART 2 - How to have an effective camping......

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Yesterday we talked on the basic needs and requirements for having an effective camping. Today we are still gonna go further on this topic. I guess we need to have clues and ideas on what we need on camping. The other things we need are:


We need to know what equipments we need to carry along with us. We need to decide either to hire, borrow or buy depending on the budget allocated for it. The lower the costs the better so as to make the process and activity affordable.


Tents can be hired, borrowed or bought according to the budget set. Its advisable to get the tent that will meet the needs and the demand of the campers. Tents are of different shapes, sizes and costs.
Tents should have good and adequate ventilation so as to serve the occupants effectively.
Good tents should also be easy to erect since some tents might have a lot of complications in erecting them. Getting easily erectable tent is better since it would save time and costs that would have been involved in hiring the tents specialist.

(d) Sleeping bag

There is need for sleeping bag that will serve effectively. Chances are if you don't own one just need to buy, hire or borrow so long the budget set for camp is met.


Depends on your budget and the type of camping you wish. Some would wish to cook while others buy food from canteens and shops around the camping site. If need for cooking arises be prepared to carry all the necessary equipments for cooking.

I guess we have tackled a few other things and basics that we need to have effective camping. For today let us stop there. Otherwise we will continue tommorrow on the other things that we need. Thanks for stopping by and all the best!


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