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Traveling to Lamu

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Lamu is one a travel destination in Kenya. It was born over 1000 years ago with multi-cultural intermarriages of Arabs, Africans, Persians and the Indians. The destination is mostly known and uniquely identified for its cultural festivities that occur annually in respect to the Swahili/Arabs culture.

The place is diversified and has places that are interesting to stay during the visit. Lamu can only be accessed by water thus a lot of boat riding is encountered which is a lot of fun!

One of the best places to visit is the Kiwayu and Manda beaches that have a lot of beauty and interesting stuff. These beaches have airstrips that would make easy alighting of passengers. Manda has a beach restaurant, Diamond beach Village, library and bar which is fun to be there.

You can get to Kiwayu and Manda Islands by flying and then take boat across Lamu. Flights from Nairobi to Lamu averagely costs upto $200 return. NB The Flight costs may vary without notice. Please check with the local flights such as Kenya Airways for more details.

You can stay in Manda's Diamond beach, Sultan Palace, and New Lamu Palace Hotel among others. For more information you may visit Lamu, Kiwayu, Lamu Museums

The clip below shows Lamu. Happy viewing....


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